The Bowl!

by Teresa Lotz

We all ask the eternal questions: “Why Am I Here?” and “Where Is Here Anyway?” In this adsurdist gem, a group of disparate souls struggle to find the answers and learn that by banding together, they can move farther along.

The Bowl was originally written in 2014 as part of ON THE MARGIN: 7th Annual Women's Work Short Play Festival August 4 - August 9, 2014 at New Perspectives Theatre Company. In 2016, it is being produced again as part of the Women's Work Short Play Retrospective Festival February 22 - March 13th. 2016. GET TICKETS HERE.

Directed by Jenny Greeman

Jarel Davidow*
Petra Denison
Ray Rodriguez*
Mary Sheridan*

Production Design: Meganne George
Costume Design: Peter Fogel 
Lighting Design: Deborah Constantine
Photography by Beth Spergel

*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Assocation

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“Not to carp Teresa, but your play kicks bass!! Oh my cod, I would do this play just for the halibut!! You're a great writer who knows how to tuna phrase.” - Jarel Davidow

“Then there is a wonderful piece of apparent fluff, Teresa Lotz’s The Bowl, masterfully directed by Jenny Greeman. It takes a while to figure out that we’re witnessing four fish (divinely costumed by Mr. Peter Fogel) in four separate bowls in a pet store. A terrific ‘school’ of actors—Jarel DavidowPëtra DenisonRay Rodriguez, and Mary Sheridan —swim to the top of the class here as they try to reach each other and find a way out of their individual bowls into bigger, communal waters. Fish they may be, but in Ms. Lotz’s hands, they say something about our need to connect.” - NY Theatre Guide!
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