Red Emma & The Mad Monk


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Emma Orme & The Tank present
Created by Katie Lindsay & Alexis Roblan
Written by Alexis Roblan
Directed by Katie Lindsay
Music by Teresa Lotz

Presented as part of Ladyfest at The Tank.


In the first few months of 2017, 12 year-old Addison has a lot of questions about the world and very little parental supervision. Her best (imaginary) friend is a turn-of-the-19th-century Russian mystic, and her favorite pastime is fighting with deplorables on the internet. But when Addison starts to learn about another turn-of-the-century Russian -- the American immigrant and Anarchist, Emma Goldman — she begins questioning the meaning of political action and just how far we should go to fight oppressive systems.

Mystics, anarchists, and snowflakes swirl in this new Russo-American cabaret-style musical about Emma Goldman, Rasputin, and a 12-year-old American girl who is obsessed with both of them and cant get off Twitter.

After a sold-out performance at Ars Nova's ANT Fest last June, we are excited to bring this ambitious new play to The Tank as part of Lady Fest 2018, featuring new work by some of the most exciting lady-identified artists in New York - in celebration of womanhood and the female voice, in all its glory.

Actors: Maybe Burke, Fernando Gonzalez *, Drita Kabashi, Imani Pearl Williams, Jonathan Randell Silver *
Assistant Director: Liza Couser
Musical Director: Cassie Willson
Music Supervisor & Arranger: Isaac Alter
Sound Design: John Salutz
Costume Design: Glenna Ryer
Wardrobe Supervisor: Shannon O'Donnell
Lighting Design: Luther Frank
Scenic Design: Diggle
Associate Scenic Design: Jocelyn Girgorie
Props Master: Alex Wylie
Choreography: Yael Nachajon
Production Manager: Mac Whiting
Production Stage Manager: Dara Swisher
Producers: Emma Orme, The Tank (Artistic Directors: Rosalind Grush & Meghan Finn),
Alexis Roblan, Katie Lindsay
Productions, Teresa Lotz
Graphic Design: Jonny Ag Design

*Equity Member appearing with permission of Actors Equity Association without benefit of an Equity contract in this Off-Off Broadway production (Equity Approved Showcase).


Red Emma & The Mad Monk was presented as part of Ars Nova’s ANT FEST 2017 on Friday, June 16th to a sold-out and enthusiastic crowd. What’s up next? You tell me.

Co-created by Katie Lindsay & Alexis Roblan
Written by Alexis Robian
Directed by Katie Lindsay
Music by Teresa Lotz

Tweets. Assassination attempts. A Phantom Rasputin crashing your 6th grade history report. Time, space and ideology dissolve into a Russo-American cabaret that asks: What exactly is the difference between a tweet and an assassination attempt again? And do either ever actually make a difference?

Music Direction & Arrangements by Isaac Alter
Scenic Design by Darren Joel Diggle
Costumes by Glenna Ryer
Lighting Design by Luther Dylan Frank
Produced by Rachel Christiansen and The Habitat

Featuring Cesar Joel Rosado, Drita Kabashi, Kim Gee, Maybe Burke, and Miles G. Jackson

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