Red Emma & The Mad Monk


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Co-created by Katie Lindsay & Alexis Roblan
Written by Alexis Robian
Directed by Katie Lindsay
Music by Teresa Lotz

Tweets. Assassination attempts. A Phantom Rasputin crashing your 6th grade history report. Time, space and ideology dissolve into a Russo-American cabaret that asks: What exactly is the difference between a tweet and an assassination attempt again? And do either ever actually make a difference?

Music Direction & Arrangements by Isaac Alter
Scenic Design by Darren Joel Diggle
Costumes by Glenna Ryer
Lighting Design by Luther Dylan Frank
Produced by Rachel Christiansen and The Habitat

Featuring Cesar Joel Rosado, Drita Kabashi, Kim Gee, Maybe Burke, and Miles G. Jackson


Red Emma & The Mad Monk was presented as part of Ars Nova’s ANT FEST 2017 on Friday, June 16th to a sold-out and enthusiastic crowd. What’s up next? You tell me.